Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying From 8 Diseases

This article was about how red meat increases the risk of dying from 9 diseases. The article stated that the more red meat you eat, the greater your risk of dying from one of nine diseases.

The study from BMJ compared with the one-fifth of people who ate the least red meat, the one-fifth who ate the most had a 26 percent increased risk of death from various causes. High red meat consumption increased the rate of dying from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, infections, kidney disease and liver disease.

White meat, on the other hand, may be good for you. The researchers found that those who ate the highest proportion of white meat had a 25 percent reduced risk of dying from various causes compared with those who ate the least white meat

The article adequately wrote about the study and its results, this seemed like real news. There was a lot  information presented, there was even a correction made that stated that the diseases tied to red meat consumption was eight diseases, not nine, eating red meat was not linked to dying from Alzheimer’s disease.

Arash Etemadi, an epidemiologist with the National Cancer Institute said that this was an observational study and that can’t determine whether red meat is responsible for these associations. But we have a 16-year follow-up, and we had the numbers to look at different causes, and we can see that it’s happening for many causes of death.



Gender Say What

Knowledge in the news…,

Memes are just about as popular as something can get. What makes them so relevant is that they always hit on trending topics, news, and important situations of the world. It essentially brings things to audiences in simple terms. If you see a meme and you don’t understand its point then it makes you question what’s going on. Then by having to ask yourself that, you’d look into the news or some other outlet to see what’s going on to figure the meme out. The social construction of memes play a role in our reality. It says the things we don’t necessarily say out loud. The meme I found hits on gender relations.

What does this meme say to you? Was it meant to be funny? Or is there a real meaning behind this that we should be looking at? My question is how does this meme attack gender. For both men and women does this throw confusion into the mix? Who does this offend? To me this shows that gender is even more social constructed that ever. Because of her transformation into woman, Caitlyn Jenner has been the source of plenty of memes and articles disputing her choice to become a woman. But the idea that you can become a woman, or become a man; is that more socially constructed than anything? Let’s break this meme down. By not believing she’s a woman, the meme is telling us to do something widely associated with the male gender. So this wants us to believe shes a woman but also negating the fact that she’s a woman. Besides from gender being socially constructed, what is the role that science plays here? Isn’t being a man or woman determined by reproductive organs which is science? So can this meme be saying, ‘sure we’ll call you a woman, but scientifically, you know what you are’. How does this change the way we view gender? What does this meme mean to you?

Knowledge in the News


This introduced the concept of continental drift.

The earth has plate on its surface on which land and the ocean is placed on. Throughout history science has considered that location has always been set, Europe up north and the Asian countries in more tropic areas. Little was considered  of the space which people resided in and a lot of importance came from it, such as identity.

These plates shifts quite a bit and one example of this are earth quake is one example of what happens when these plates shift.

After a semester of our Sociology of knowledge class, I began to think about how identity within these “set” locations really made an impact not only to people’s individual lived, but how knowledge of these different regions are taught. For example, Race and ethnicity comes from “origins” but if at one point, the different contents were together, Pangaea, then what does that say about we “Really” are. We already know race has no biological basis and Pangaea adds to that. Considering how much we use “race” in our sciences and how we understand the world, you would think that acceptance of these newer ideas would have a retrospective reaction in changing our “old” science, models which may be outdated in its phrasing but still used because it is considered the golden standard.


Knowledge in the News

The digitization of medical knowledge

Data. To think data, at one time did not exist is a mind boggling thing today. Citing Google, “global Internet traffic will reach 1.1 zettabytes per year, according to Cisco, and by 2019, global traffic is expected to hit 2 zettabytes per year”. (I stopped knowing anything after gigabite)

That presumably is a huge number. In this article, a study was done to see if there was any difference in medical students in the way the students were able to access data. Two groups, one with conventional data, the other with conventional data available to them as well as tablets and other electronic data.

They found that those in the second group scored better in the internal medicine exams. What I wondered is if this is because they had more data available to them. Another issue is the positivism that comes from this. Today, the amount of data that exists on line and in our devices is outstanding. We can not exist without this data, and this study they suggest that ALL medicine be moved to computers and tablets. This dependance on data, and technology seems to have no end. I do understand that Fridges, microwaves and even calculators are a result of technology, but at what cost are we paying in the long term when we shift away from any other way of learning and being. How does the rest of the world stand up to this. What happens if we disagree with this kind of knowledge reproduction and lifestyle?

Bodies In Balance: Fitness Myths We Need To Ditch

This article discusses the myth around fitness and the myths around getting slim in the summer. The real truth behind some of the most common health and fitness myths are said in this article. All the time women and men are working out only certain parts of their bodies, eating up to 2,000 calories a day thinking they are being healthy but are not getting the right amount of nutrition in their diet. “exercise will help strengthen our  bones, and muscles also help in boosting our metabolism, and improve our mood, but unfortunately that is not enough in the battle to lose weight”. This portrays how we may be following some news or knowledge that’s being put out there to the public yet harming ourselves and our health. I think what health ads and other publications should do is inform the people more specifically instead of generally speaking on how we should eat. Everyone has different body types and metabolism rates and one diet plan may not work for another person.  Certain knowledge may not necessarily be true. Some of these myths i followed myself and i actually gained more weigh. At one point i was thinking all i needed was to increase my intake of protein, antioxidants, and no carbs. However i realize that i was gaining more weight because i wasn’t balancing my intake of nutrients throughout my day.  Too much of anything inst bad but a balance of everything is needed is what my trainer told me. What do you guys think?

Reading Response: The scholar denied by Aldon Morris

Nicole Barreto

Aldon Morris begins with historical context of race oppression and white supremacy. He states that this is is how American sociology emerged. Morris particularly focuses on the racism Du Bois experienced throughout his life in the United States. Morris also praises Du Bois educational journey. He was the first African American to graduate from Harvard and then moved to Germany to continue study. There he was looking at American racism from an outside perspective because race wasn’t looked down upon in Germany.  He also explains that Du Bois was one of the first to use scientific sociology to prove racial inequality. His school conducted empirical research using qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviews, ethnographic research, and statistical analysis. It was so powerful to read the following quote from Du Bois – especially thinking about the brutal hardships minorities face:

“Above all I began to understand the real meaning of scientific research and the dim outline of methods of employing its technique and its results in the new social sciences for the settlement of the Negro problems in America.”

Du bois focused on the scientific reasoning of race to end racism. Morris further  argues that power, money, politics and the ideology of white supremacy led to. Du Bois being “written out” of the founding of sociology.  It was also explained that Du Bois was an influence on the Chicago school , however, wasn’t credited. I think that from reading this, it’s going to be tough to incorporate the fact that some of the very same thinkers credited with those critical ideas were in the same moment racists. I think this article is so great particularly today with Trump and President.  It really had me thinking about e how oppression of minorities and white supremacy still exists today.

Knowledge In the News

Nicole Barreto


This article discusses the difficulty for the poor to rise up. I think that today, this is by far one of the top things that make me so livid. I don’t understand how minimum wage is so low and stays stagnant while the cost of things significantly rise up. The price to live in the core of the city is impossible for anyone receiving minimum wage and while the surrounding areas are decently priced are now making a rise in costs. This reminded me about the a massive country wide protest for fast food workers in America to receive a livable wage and to get out of poverty. Thousands of workers across dozens of cities joined together in march, chant,and sit ins to protest for fifteen dollars per hour, healthcare, and the the right to unionize.


This article stated “For those in the bottom quintile, household income in inflation- adjusted dollars has dropped sharply, from $13,787 in 2000 to $11,651 in 2013. According to the Census Bureau, 64 million Americans currently live in the bottom quintile”

This annual cost of living for a single adult with no children under federal minimum wage  has remained stagnant since then. At this salary someone may not seem noticeably poor, however factor in the needed expenses of housing, food, childcare, and transportation, one will dwindle into poverty. For this reason, people across cities are protesting for higher wages to support their families. What’s even more mind blowing to me is that we need all kinds of workers in order for the world to run. Why is it that the uneducated usually fall into poverty and also negatively stigmatized.Why are the jobs that uneducated people work for negatively stigmatized as well?  How did this division of education and non education become a war?
This article made me so furious when they said “Conversely, the less well off – from all backgrounds — have struggled with high levels of family dissolution, father absence and worklessness, leaving their own prospects, and those of their children, bleak.” Why is this a reason for poverty? This shouldn’t be a reason for poverty .The real issue lies within the social structure of education and work. We live in a world where a large percentage of people can’t afford daycare or a babysitter while they go to work. It’s especially even more difficult for single parents. It’s not because the father is absence it’s because of how low much minimum wage is and how little people make without an education. Why is the uneducated essentially punished with low wages ?